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If you’re always searching for inspiration for fun crafts and activities that stimulate your child’s creativity, learning and development, or simply to keep them out of mischief… then you’re in the right place!

We’ve sourced everything from craft boxes to entertainment, and ideas for DIY kids’ activities, that busy modern mums can get into with their kids…as well as some budget-friendly hacks.

Here you’ll find ideas to keep them busy the entire school holidays and beyond. We’re always adding new activities, so check back here again soon!

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How to prepare your child for BIG school

Starting primary school is a very exciting time! However, a child faces massive changes to their little world, which can be quite overwhelming for them.

Starting school is a big step for little ones, and to put it into prospective, think about the feelings you have when starting a new job, or going to an event where you know no one.

Well, it’s even harder for children, as they are still developing their interpersonal skills.

Don’t panic just yet!

We have some information here to get you and your little one prepared.

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Why you don’t need to be creative to start getting arty with your kids

Getting into art projects with your kids is such an easy way to engage with them; once you get started you’ll be surprised how long it took you to jump on this particular wagon.

This activity is cheap, awesome for all ages, covers a wide variety of interests and can keep your little ones entertained for hours.

So why are you reluctant to get arty with your kids?

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School Holiday Activities Guide September 2018

The September-October school holidays are going to be here before we know it!

Here is our list of some great School Holiday activities happening around our major cities…as what we like to call…
The School Holiday Whip Around.

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