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If you’re always searching for inspiration for fun crafts and activities that stimulate your child’s creativity, learning and development, or simply to keep them out of mischief… then you’re in the right place!

We’ve sourced everything from craft boxes to entertainment, and ideas for DIY kids’ activities, that busy modern mums can get into with their kids…as well as some budget-friendly hacks.

Here you’ll find ideas to keep them busy the entire school holidays and beyond. We’re always adding new activities, so check back here again soon!

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Why Being A Creative Mum Is Important For You And Your Children

Some parents find it easy to get down and creative with their kids, but most of us struggle with this task a little.

But it’s a lot easier and much more fun than you realise – you just need a little help finding activities that you and your kids BOTH enjoy.

At Creative Mum Life, we encourage activities with your kids, not just because we love them, but because there’s oodles of reasons why providing engaging activities is good for them, and for you too!

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Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids – Made with Love

Mother’s Day is a special day that mother’s and grandmother’s all over the world look forward to. It is a time to celebrate the amazing things that they do for us and our children every single day.
Mother’s Day is not a day about gifts but about love.
So if you do feel the need to give a gift for Mother’s Day to say thank you for all the things your mum or grandma does, then a gift made with love is a perfect idea.

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3 Tips to Encourage Creative Play for Independence

Raising strong, independent and confident children is a goal that we all have as parents. We aim to have our children at a point where they can be independent and content with their lives and be able to make the most of it.

Creative play is a great way to help build the independence of your child. There are a number of ways that you can help them with these skills and they are all very simple.

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