The Kindy Kick-Starter

The Kindy Kick-Starter
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Did you know that teachers are seeing more and more children beginning school unequipped with essential skills? 

As an experienced Primary School Teacher and busy parent myself, I know how difficult it can be for parents/carers to properly invest their own time in their child's education. I also know how hard it is for fellow teachers to find the time to prepare effective resources for their students.

This is where The Kindy Kick-Starter can help. We provide essential, timesaving educational packs for busy parents and teachers.  I know from years of experience that the variety of resources they contain are effective and used within school classrooms across the nation. 

Basically, we want to give you the best chance possible to support your child in their learning. The packs are designed for children in their last year of kindergarten, as well as those beginning their ‘big school’ adventure. 

They come ready to use. NO time-consuming printing, laminating or cutting necessary. By laminating the resources for you and ensuring they are bundled together into a clear plastic envelope, we are ensuring they will be preserved and not wear and tear so easily. 

You have the option of either purchasing our Essential Literacy Pack OR smaller packs to suit your child’s specific needs. All packs come with either a Parent Information Booklet (our main essential pack) or an information leaflet explaining how the resources are best used and why it is important.

Head to our website, to see what we can do to help you and your little one on their educational journey!

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